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Franck Yeznikian  Ictus Klaus Huber Plouvier Tom Pawel Guiraud


LIQUID  ROOM V - (SUBTILIOR) with and for the I C T U S ensemble 



It's a piece for Clavichord/Fender Rhodes,Guitar baroque/E-Guitar,a string trio and electronic in a large program around an italian and chypriot Ars Subtilior's repertoire with the adjonction of pieces from today including fortunately an another first performance of the composer Christophe Guiraud. 



the sunday 23 March 2014 at  the Kaaitheater of Brussels


Please for more informations click here



Franck Yeznikian  Tom Pawel Ictus
Franck Yeznikian  the touch
Franck Yeznikian  Session
Franck Yeznikian Tom Pauwels
Pauwels guitars
A sumptuous Clavichord.jpg
Jean-Luc's fenderrhodes.jpg
Tom Pauwels
Plouvier Pauwels  around a Virelay
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